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Every day I walk into my art room, I have the time of my life. It is my mission to teach children art and connect it with other curricular areas. I have taught art for 26 years at Hartington and each year becomes more enjoyable and precious to me. My philosophy is that all children can succeed in art. I feel all children can learn to create art with skill, learn from the art of great masters that will enrich their lives, and use art as a form of self-expression.

Art education should relate to the student’s everyday life, while integrating it with heritage, career education, world history and modern cultures. It is important that all students see themselves positively reflected in their curriculum, regardless of their gender, ethnicity, religious preference, ability or disability. The study of art should develop interests which lead to the enrichment of leisure time activities and provide a foundation for the student to continue his/her art education.

Art is not only universal, but very personal. Each student is a unique individual. All students at every level should be provided a balanced, comprehensive, and sequential art program taught by a qualified art teacher. The art program should develop student awareness of the environment, build self-confidence and self-worth as an individual, and develop responsibilities in society.