CD's....if you receive promotional CD's in the mail and throw them them for the Art Room....I have a project in mind that we can use them for!!

Old picture frames

Flat pieces of cardboard-not corrugated

Cardboard tubes, all sizes

Plastic tubs from margarine, Cool Whip, etc. - with lids

Yogurt containers with lids & Film Containers

Styrofoam or plastic egg cartons

Old calendars with pictures of art work by famous artists…. Picasso originals would be great. ? $$$

Scraps of fabric with bright, bold patterns

Styrofoam trays - well washed!

Baby food jars

Wallpaper Books

Aluminum tart or pot pie tins

Silk flowers

Mrs. Noecker (queen of junk)

Art Room Wish List:
The items listed below are things that we can always use in the Art Room.
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