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The Hartington CCHS/HNPS COOP HS Travel Bowling team kicked off the 2016/17 bowling Season traveling to Wayne on Sat. 12/3/16.  This was a Varsity men’s meet only and Wayne did not Have a women’s team or any JV.

The format for the meets are:  the teams bowl two regular

Games of bowling with each individual match worth 1 pt vs the opponent plus 3 pts for a total team pin count.

So each regular style match is worth 7 pts.   For a total of 14 points if win both individual team matches. 

Then the best 2 out of 3 Baker’s style games are bowled.  This win is worth 5 pts. 


The Hartington Men’s team lost to Wayne 0 – 19 pts.   Hartington men’s is a young team with only three

Returning bowlers from last year of which Connor W. was the only varsity bowler returning. 


Men’s team bowlers were:  Levi Arens, Nicholas Paltz, Derek Heimes, Connor Wuebben, Tomas Kathol, 

Wyatt Wiebelhaus.  High games:   Nicholas – 150, 151. 

Coached by:   Mike Emanuel & Derek Klug(  League Administrators:  Pam Howell & Kim Emanuel


The meets for next two weeks are:    (Men’s & Women’s)


Sat. 12/10/16 -   2:30   At Wisner       Hartington Coop  vs  Wisner

                                5:00   At  Wisner      Hartington Coop  vs North Bend ( time has been changed)


Sat.  12/17/16      9:00  at Norfolk      Hartington Coop vs Norfolk Catholic   (w/ JV)

                                 12:00  at Newman Grove    Hartington Coop  vs Boone Central  (w/JV)



Weekly results can be followed at the Nebraska HS bowling website:

We are the Class C Central Division.




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state qualifiersBowling Info

Sat. Dec. 3rd is the first meet in Wayne - Men only - Wayne doesn't have a Women's Team.
State Bowling Tournament

After a wonderful send off at Cedar Catholic High School by parents,

Students, faculty  & Fr. Jeff,  the girls & boys bowling teams headed to Lincoln.

Class C teams bowled at 9:00 am at Parkway Lanes.

Team bowlers were:  Allison Loecker, Clarissa Paltz, Madison Morten, Maggie Wiebelhaus, Laura Steffen, Hannah Rembert & Sadie Uhing.

The “TroCat” Girls bowled against the other Class C schools of:   North Bend, Chase Co (Imperial), Wayne, Burwell/Ord,

Broken Bow, Kearney, Wisner/Pilger.

After the 4 individual games bowled, the  girls  were seeded 6th and had to go up against St. Paul/ Elba, who were seeded 3rd)  in the Bakers format.  Best 3 out of 5 games.  The ladies lost this match but pushed it to the 5th game.  Bakers scores were:  137-169, 143-118, 113-94, 158-174, 118-143.   They were eliminated from moving on to the next Bakers match.

INDIVIDUAL PLACEMENT AWARD:    Madison Morten did finish 7th in the Top 10.

Her individual 3 - game scores were:  141,141,165 for a 447 series.   Madison is the only Senior this year,

So a great finish to her season.

Sadie Uhing had a 3-game series of 359, just short 55 pins from placing.

North Bend girls beat Wisner/Pilger on Sunday for the Championship Title.

The “Trojan” Boys bowled also at 9:00 am at Parkway Lanes.   The other Class C schools the boys bowled

Against were:  Chase Co. (Imperial) Burwell/Ord, Broken Bow, Kearney Catholic,  North Bend, Wayne, Wisner/Pilger.

Trojan team bowlers were:  Brandon Keiter, Brodrick Emanuel, Connor Wuebben, Jesse Kruse, Chad Lammers,

Koby Lammers & Mark Kathol.

After the 4 individual games bowled, the boys were seeded 7th and had to go up against

Wisner/Pilger, who were seeded 2nd) in the Baker’s format.  Best 3 out of 5 games.

The boys lost the 1st three Bakers, therefore, were eliminated from moving on to next bracket.

Bakers scores were:  124-144, 103-165, 112-134.

INDIVIDUAL PLACEMENT AWARD:   Brandon Keiter did finish in 8th place in the Top 10.

His individual 3-game scores were:  187, 183, 126  for a 496 series. 

Jesse Kruse just missed placing w/ a 463 series and Chad Lammers had a 435.

This was the last tournament for five Senior Boys:   Brandon, Brodrick, Jesse, Chad & Mark.

North Bend boys beat Wisner/Pilger for the Class C  men’s Championship title.

NET will air the women’s finals on Sat. 2/20/16 from 8:00 am to noon.

The men’s finals will be on Sat. 2/27/16 from 8:00 am to noon.

For more team & individual scores go to:, under “State” header.

Thank you to Coach Mike Emanuel & Bowling Proprietor, Derek Klug for all their time.
Coaching and to Kim Emanuel for her assistance in helping run the program.

League Coordinator:  Pamela Howell 


In Lincoln on Saturday & Sunday ,  2/13 & 2/14.    Times & Locations TBA.

Hartington Cedar Men and the Hartington TroCat Lady bowlers

are BOTH going to State.

1st time for the lady bowlers, as a team,  since the program started seven years ago.

The Men’s teamed grabbed “Class C1 Runner UP” and the lady bowlers nabbed 4th place to to.

They each had separate qualifying rules as they had different numbers of teams to bowl against. 

The format for Districts was “Total Pin Count”.   4  team bowlers bowled three individual

Games and then there were five Baker format games.  For a grand total of all games bowled.

This was the same for the men & women.

The Hartington Cedar Men’s team bowled at Norfolk Sat. 1/30/16 at 9:00 am.

They competed against Wayne & Boone Central.  Other C1 teams bowled in North Bend &

Grand Island.     Each bowling house for the men’s teams, sent District Champ & Runner Up to State.

A total of 8 teams will be bowling for C1 Champ.

The men’s team bowlers were:  Brandon Keiter, Brodrick Emanuel, Chad Lammers, Connor Wuebben,

Jesse Kruse & Koby Lammers.   Mark Kathol was absent but will be the 7th man on the roster for the State team.

 High Ind. Games:  Connor: 129, Brodrick: 157, Jesse:  137, 188, 133, Brandon:  127, 148, 209 w/ 4 X’s in a row.

Chad Lammers subbed in and had three x’s in a row to help boost the total.

Baker games:  230,  173,(in which Jesse p/u the 3/7 split)  151, 197 & 128.  For a grand total pin count of 2,660.

 Hartington men were just 61 pins short of winning the  title.  But “Runner Up” does qualify them.  Wayne won 1st.

 HARTINGTON “TROCAT” LADY bowlers were at North Bend for a 2:00 match.  Same format as the men.

They competed against:  Kearney Catholic, North Bend, St. Paul/Elba & Wisner/Pilger

 There were only two bowling sites for the lady bowlers so the top four teams went. The other location

was at Grand Island.   In this case, the top 4 teams from each location qualified for State.  So once again, 8  total teams

will meet at State.

 Hartington TroCat ladies were in that 4th place spot.  Just winning over Kearney Catholic by 64 pins.  It was a neck to neck

race with Kearney Catholic the last 4 Bakers games.  For two of the Bakers… only 5 pins was the difference in the totals.

 Team bowlers were:  Hannah Rembert, Laura Steffen, Allison Loecker, Madison Morten, Maggie Wiebelhaus & Clarissa Paltz.

Sadie Uhing will join the roster for State.

High games were:  Hannah:  131, 140  Laura:  174, Allison: 105, Madison:  177, 188, 124 (won 2nd place individual award)

Maggie:  129, 115.  Clarissa was a sub in and had several marks  to help boost that total pin count also.

 More information can be found on the Nebraska High School Bowling Federation website at:

 Mike Emanuel was team coach for both the men & women’s teams.  

Kim Emanuel & Pamela Howell are league coordinators.

  CHS/HNHS bowling teams traveled to

Grand Island last Saturday, 1/23/16.  Matches were

Against Ogallala & Chase County  This was the last regular meet for the year.

 The men’s team literally rolled to victory over both schools.

Some great scores were turned in by the bowlers.

 VARSITY MEN vs OGALLALA   Match won:  18pts to 1pt.

Team bowlers were:  Koby Lammers, Brodrick Emanuel, Jesse Kruse,

Brandon Keiter, Connor Wuebben.

High games:  Koby: 124, Brodrick: 159, 149, Jesse:  166, 191 (turkey)

Brandon:  200 (turkey) 235 (a double turkey) Connor:  190

Match was won before the Bakers format.

 VARSITY MEN vs CHASE COUNTY …  Match won:  17 pts to 2 pts

Team bowlers were same as 1st match.

High games:  Koby:  136,

Brodrick:  167,83  Jesse:  140, (p/u 6/10 split)

Brandon:  199 (w turkey), 232 (w/ 4’xs & turkey)

Brandon Keiter, after rolling his 435  -  2-game series in the match vs Ogallala, is

Now tied for 5th place in the North Central conference for High Series out of 42 bowlers.

His high game of 235 places him in 9th place and his average of 172 places him 10th.

Jesse Kruse is 20th in Series High with a 357.  Brodrick Emanuel is 22nd with his Series High of 350.

 LADY “TROCAT” bowlers vs Ogallala:  Match won:  12 pts to 7pts.

Lady bowlers were:  Hannah Rembert, Laura Steffen, Sadie Uhing, Madison Morten,

Allison Loecker & Maggie Wiebelhaus.

This match was tied after the individual games so the Bakers games were needed

To decide the match.  Trocat ladies won both Bakers therefore winning the match.

High games were:  Laura: 119, Sadie:  156, Madison:  149, 147

 The ladies did not have a match against Chase county as they did not have a ladies team.

 MADISON MORTEN, after rolling her 296 – 2 game series, is in 15th place in Series High,

12th place in high average w/ a 131.

JV  GIRLS TEAM:   had an unofficial match against Plainview JV  in place of the Chase Co match.

They lost the match:  4 pts to 15 pts.

Team bowlers:  Clarissa Paltz, Sadie Uhing, Allison Loecker & Maggie Wiebelhaus.

High games:  Clarissa:  106, Sadie:  109,111, Allison:  111,119, Maggie:  116, 123

 JV BOYS TEAM vs Chase County:  Match lost 8 pts to 11 pts.

Team bowlers were:  Reid Arens, Nick Paltz, Mark Kathol, Tomas Kathol.

High games:  Nick 141, Mark:  133, 144, Tomas:  155.

 No JV match vs Ogallala. 

 This is the end of regular season for the bowlers.

 DISTRICT BOWLING for the varsity teams is Saturday, 1/30/16.

 LADY TROCATS bowl at North bend at 2:30, against:  North Bend, Wisner/Pilger

Kearney Catholic & St. Paul / Elba

 MEN’S VARSITY bowls at Norfolk at 9:00 am. Vs Wayne & Boone Central.

 Teams must place 1st or 2nd to qualify for the State Bowling tournament in Lincoln on Feb. 12/13th.

 For more information can go to bowling website:, click on standing and tournaments. 

  St Paul/ Elba Dual Meet Results 1/16/16

Both the Hartington men’s & women’s  teams won this meet.

Hartington Ladies won 11pt to 8pts.  The ladies had to

go to the Bakers match to decide the meet.

Bowlers were:  Hannah Rembert, Laura Steffen, Allison Loecker,

Maggie Wiebelhaus, Madison Morten & Sadie Uhing.

High games were:  Hannah: 116, 110 , Madison: 124,158  Sadie:  104

 The Men’s varsity team also won against St. Paul/Elba 15 pts to 4 pts.

Team bowlers were:  Brodrick Emanuel, Connor Wuebben, Koby Lammers,

Brandon Keiter & Chad Lammers.

High games were:  Connor:  172, Koby: 146, Brandon:   168,161

 The 2nd match was at 3:00 vs Kearney Catholic, in which, KC won both

men’s & women’s matches.

 Hartington varsity women’s team pushed the match to Bakers again,

but were not successful in getting the win.  Lost 8pts to 11pts.

Team bowlers were the same as 1st meet.

High games:  Hannah: 101, Laura: 132, Maggie:  103, 117, Madison:  163, 113

 Hartington varsity men’s team were also unsuccessful in getting their win.

Lost their match 8.5 pts to 10.5 pts.   The Hartington men lost the match in

The individual matches but won the Bakers.. But did not get enough points

In the Bakers to take over the lead.

Team bowlers the same as 1st match.

High games:   Chad:  169, 140,  Brodrick:  155,  Brandon:  140 & 168 


Bowling @ Burwell - 1/9/16 

In zero temps this last Sat., the Hartington CCHS/HNPS high school bowling

Team traveled to Burwell NE for 1:00 & 3:30 meets.

Teams participating in this meet were:  Hartington, Burwell/Ord, Broken Bow

And Wayne.   Regular format used:  2 individual games & best 2 out of 3 Bakers games.

 JV BOYS….  There were no JV teams present, but our JV team bowled against

Extra varsity subs.  Team bowlers were:  Reid Arens, Mark Kathol, Tomas Kathol

And Nicholas Paltz.  High games:  Mark:  150, 133


Varsity women bowled the Burwell/Ord team and lost 2 pt to 17 pts.

Team bowlers were:  Hannah Rembert, Allison Loecker, Sadie Uhing, Madison Morten,

Maggie Wiebelhaus & Laura Steffen .

High games were:  Madison:  143, 121

There was not women’s team from Broken Bow.


Varsity men had two matches: 

 Vs Broken Bow.. the match was lost 2 pts to 17 pts.

Team bowlers were:  Brodrick Emanuel, Koby Lammers, Jesse Kruse, Brandon Keiter

Connor Wuebben & Chad Lammers.   High games:  Jesse:  133, 145  Connor:  136,

Koby: 140, Brandon:  137

 Varsity men vs Burwell/Ord

Men had a good win vs Burwell/Ord..  15 pts to 4 pts.   Team bowlers same as 1st meet.

High games:   Jesse:  145, 156 – 3 x’s in a row, Koby:  132, Brandon:  215  (4 x’s in a row)

Brandon had 1st 200 of the season…

 Team coach:  Mike Emanuel,  Team Coordinators:  Pam Howell & Kim Emanuel